I'M Glad This Heart-This One You Stole.

My heart so lonely...
Lonely for thee.
Your beauty doth' free mine eyes...
Mine heart so free.
The Hulk and King Kong could not pry the phone fro' your dying hand...
Forever trapped in talky-talk land.
You are meticulous 'bout all business matters...
You are so crazed, like a business'es Mad Hatter.
Payment of bills and a grown'd forty three year old'nd daughter's
Doctor's appointment...
Makes you obsessed like a surrounded over protective-
-skin tight typed all covering deepened penetrating ointment.
Your over caring love could drown a stow awayed man wearing ten foot stilts upon Noah's Ark...
You look for money in wrong places of the mind, you continue to
show that ever caring-loved spark.
Your red hair and unquitting tenacity has you remind me of that overly
hair brained schemeing comedic genius, Lucille Ball...
I'm this marriage-careered referee, only obsevant enough to make
such an obviouse call.
I love your ever schemeing motherhood role...
I'm glad i'm your married one, that other, sharing, caring halved soul.
You are a breath of fresh air in my life, making me whole.
I'm glad this heart-this one, you stole.

by Michael Gale

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Very clever wording in this.You have worked hard on this.Take care.Love Duncan