JTA ( / US)

I'M Glad You'Re Here

So much uncertainty in the world
Often it feels so cold
And then there is you
Someone who touches me
In written words
Or in spirit felt
Or in wishes far away
I'm glad you're here
And hope that you'll stay
I've had words put in my mouth
Have had my words twisted around
And taken for bad
I've had them misconstued
And disregarded as sad
But you feel them inside too
Just like I feel you
If feels more than a lar
This particular feeling or spark
Cuts through the dark
I feel in you a spirit and a heart
That's closer somehow
That penetrates right into
A window of connection
That light and hope shine through
I like the uspoken feeling
I feel sadness unpeeling
Whenever you are near
And somehow right now
I wish you were here
to take away my fear

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