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I'M Going Now

I’m going now,
Just moving on,
Perhaps you’ll miss me,
When I’m gone,
What do you think,
Or even reckon,
Will I be back,
When new love beckons,
I’ll leave you here,
To start again,
And pray you will,
Remain a friend,
I have no blame,
To cast at you,
The love just died,
There’s nothing new,
We must be free,
To love again,
And say goodbye,
To lonely nights,
And love that died,
By candlelight,
We have to face,
The simply fact,
That what we lost,
We won’t get back,
We do more damage,
Trying to mend,
I need a lover,
Not a friend,
For friends are plenty,
Lovers few,
I thought I found,
That love with you,
A love to last,
And growing old,
Just wasn’t there,
If truth be told,
We played a part,
We ran for years,
No solace now,
In bitter tears,
I say goodbye,
And wish you well,
You say I’m wrong,
But time will tell,
I’m heading back,
Where I began,
I’m going now,
While I still can.

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