I'M Going To Finish This Poem!

I'm going to finish this poem!
Yes, just you wait and see!
This isn't some fancy or whim
Or flight of fantasy!
No, I'll finish the thing today!
Not 'some day'… 'later on'!
In fact, I'm not going away
Until its light has shone!
'Cos half an insight's not worth much –
It doesn't help a jot!
I'm staying here! I shall not budge
Until I've done the lot!
I'll make no coffee, make no tea,
No cocoa, not a drop!
I'll strive to solve the mystery
And then, by God, I'll stop!
I'd like each heart to comprehend…
Here's my 'labour of love'!
Just thirty lines, that's all, my friend!
I think they'll prove enough…
While others sleep, I stay awake,
Intent on rhymes untold!
They're like the icing on the cake
That help my tale unfold!
I'm almost there! Not much to ask!
Just seven lines to do!
Now six completes my noble task!
Now five! I'm almost through!
Four lines to go, then off to bed!
Thank God for future themes!
It's time to rest my weary head!

by Denis Martindale

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