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I'M Gon' Lay Some Happy On Your 'Halloween'
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I'M Gon' Lay Some Happy On Your 'Halloween'

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why do you expose your teeth,
With such a fixed smile?
And your eyes?
They sparkle like diamonds
So bright and glistening.

And why is your eyebrow raised,
As if you are excited with delight.
And why are you holding my arm so tight.
As if the Moon ignites your might.
Like I am a...

'Victim I am preparing to bite?
You win the prize.
You are so deliciously right! '

No, you can't be.
You can't be! NO!

'Golly gee...!
You're right again.
I'm not just your average salesman.
I'm a 'werewolf'.
With a woofer that out 'woofs' all wolves.
AND I'm gonna suck some blood from your neck!
I'm gon' lay some happy on your 'Halloween'.
Would you like,
Some candy? '

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