TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

I'M Gone

With a wink and a whisper
it was all sent in motion
Smiles and laughter
built up a comfort zone
The next thing you know
we were on our way home
Collisions and friction
a natural addiction
our comforts were granted
everything was done
The bed and breakfast
placed under your naked breasts
There was a cry through the walls
that sounded child-like
Here was a mother
a mother that didn't listen
She let it go on until
it got quite angry
Then she yelled back
She closed the door
and it was just more crying
You don't want to be in charge
of taking responsibility
for a life you created
What a useless quality
I'm gone

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A sad male point of view, brilliantly written. Well done. Running is a far easier option. Tai