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I'M Gonna Write
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I'M Gonna Write

Poem By Daryl Hennix

I'm gonna write...

I'm gonna write like its all I can do

Like my hand and this pen are one

I'm gonna write like you can see these words

Not just feel my thoughts

Like if each piece was the Mona Lisa itself

Or a brilliant Rembrandt

I gonna write until these black dull letters

Transform into Picasso's magical oil canvas'

Lined with mind shattering color

Not just any colors, no deep meaningful color

Dark and calm greens

That stare back at you ever so still and envious

Yellows that are breathing with life

and show the tarnish of its age

Reds born from passion and soft kisses

I want my tales to have no path

No accord or agenda so I've done away with itineraries

Abstract floetry missed sphelled wurds

Undoted i's unorthodox imagination of emotion

Each page is like touring the Charlottenburg of Berlin

I gonna write until these colors bleed

into your soul tinting your blood

Until you heart beats for floetry

Your brain aches for the rhythmic rotations of a poets essences

Depressing sonnets while you steadily cry

You crave for words so sad only because

You have finally found a name for what you feel

j they are my joyous poetic creations

Like the birth of a new child

With each completion of this poets art

that's how I gonna write

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