I'M Here

I dont understand what it is you're feeling
Or what's running through your mind
I dont know everything that you have seen
Or to you, who has been unkind

I don't know what you're thinking
But if you want to share
I'm always here to listen
And show you I care

If you're falling apart
And nothing seems right
I'll stand up there with you
And help you win this fight

If you feel to alone
And you just want to cry
Just reach out your hand
And I'll be by your side

You mean so much more to me
Than you can understand
I'll always be there when you're falling
And reach out my hand

Tahnee please just remember
From someone who cares
I love you so much
And I'll always be there

Whatever the country
Whatever the time
If you ask I will help you
Pull you back into line

Cos there could be nothing worse
Than for me to see
You falling apart
Right in front of me

Cos you're worth so much more
Than you see through those eyes
And although you may not see it
I do here your cries

So just hold out your hand
Don't let yourself fall
To take yourself back from the edge
Babe, it is your call

I don't know what your feeling
Or what's running through your head
But whenever you're feeling down
Just remember what I've said

Cos you are so amazing
If only you knew
How many people
Out there cared for you..

by Amelie Anonymous

Comments (2)

brings tears to my eyes whenever i read that poem... it's awesome!
An awesome poem of devotion and adoration Amelie. I hope your friend stops to realize how much you care about her.