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I'M Here...
YV (2/3/92 / Puerto Rico)

I'M Here...

Poem By Yolaine Viera

Yea, outside I might be smiling,
But really inside I'm dying,
So sick of your lying,
So tired of crying,
Stop denying, what are you hiding?
Stop saying you'll tell me when you ain't even trying,

Why you making things so difficult,
And why you implyinq it's all my fault,
I won't take that as an insult,
But you have to know Im only here to consult,

Just tryna to show you imma always be here for you,
And just how much I care for you,
It may not be easy for you to do,
But I need you to open up and tell me the truth,

I'm here to catch you,
Baby, catch you when you fall,
I'm here to love you,
Baby, love you mistakes and all.

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Comments (1)

wow i really like this...its very rhymie..but good. *BB*