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I'M Here
AM (October 20,1996 / )

I'M Here

Lets go now into the darkness of your thoughts
Hurry up now its time, were waiting
For you
With a broken mirror and a broken heart
Don't look back now or you will regret it
You don't want to see what right in front of you
But worst of all you let it
Don't think its ok
Don't think its right
When the tears you cry will not fade
And in a way you wished that they did not fade
You thought that if you let him in your heart that nothing
Would change
Your wrong and you knew that you would be to
Don't worry when all goes wrong
Don't worry when all else fails
Don't worry when the love is gone
Don't worry when all is dark
Don't worry when you think that you can't take it any more

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the vision and mission shuld be clear for travel. What about your skills? Don`t worry about anything because the one is always with you. In scold, lies, truth and hidden.