I'M Here

You've pulled away and you seem distant
I feel like i can't reach you no matter how far i go
You're unresponsive and i can't make you notice

Is it my fault, do i demand too much?
All i ask is that you make time
To fit me into your schedule.

I'm the one person who will stand by your side
No matter what you put me through
Come hell or high water

I know i deny you a true relationship
And force it to stay at freinds
Please understand that I'm scared to love

Yet i expect the commitment as if we were married
I'm sorry for wanting what isn't mine
Can you ever forgive me?

Know this, i would carry your child,
Care for you both
And love you until i die

Please take into consideration
How scared i am to lose you
And that i have a habit of trying too hard

When i seem unbearable
And always on your back
It's because i'd hate to say goodbye

But if you want me gone, all you have to do is say
I'll do anything for you, if you'd only ask
Snap your fingers and i'll disappear forever

I'm at your beck and call
And i'll catch you when you fall
And help you get up and stand tall

I'm here, please rember that

by Guarded Heart

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