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I'M Here For You
AC (06-04-1974 / Olsztyn, Poland)

I'M Here For You

Poem By Anna Cellmer

My sweet man
I’d like to ask you
For something today
I’d like you could love me this way
I’d like you could read and enjoy this what I say
Just like this
I’d like to be your private distraction
I’d like to be your favourite poet too
I'm here for you

That you would live within this dream land
Just with me
I realised that I have already found
The place for me and you at this world,
So, you know that you have my heart
But how do you feel with that?

I’m here to describe my dreams
To open your eyes for these secrets of art
Which are natant from my heart
Which are taken from your charm
My open soul is carrying you to this world
Where you should exist, my love

I’m this woman who lives in your dreams
So watch me and try to play fair
Within this game called love,
By the way, this play is for you
That you could know me well
With all the best I can give
To the man

I’m happy with you like this
I can dream about you always
But I need this dream to live
Do you think we could be
Together like this in real?
And at last baby, don’t forget
You let me to do this again
You let me drown in you
Because you didn’t say 'no'
When I was asking you
To stop me on this way to you
If you don’t feel you could take this
And now is too late, my sweet
I just would like to believe that some day
You could tell me what do you think
About all these feelings I share with you
And with the whole world too.

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omg i luv this poem i started to cry this poem is so close to how i feel i luved it