I'M Here

I'm in some dark place here,
don't know where to go....
I can see you,
but only so faint
I walk around here everyday,
but i guess you just don't notice me
Everyday you look around,
and all you yell is 'you promised! '
I ask you what you mean....
but you just lower your head and weep
'you promised, you promised, you promised me! '
I still do not understand
You do not eat
you do not sleep
you do not leave
all you do
at a photo

by Sally Nesmith

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Comments (2)

I like your work very much!
This poem builds up a lot of dramatic tension prior to the conclusion. I think the final sentence 'all you do is stare at a photo of me...' would be more emphatic if it was not broken up into 6 seperate lines. but rather into 2. all you do is stare at a photo of me. Very good effot.