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I'M Human
SP (7-11-88 / )

I'M Human

Poem By Shawnell Pilz

I'm human
faulted in ever aspect of my life
unable to show you how I feel
I' am

And needy
Unable to give you what you need
I try and you turn the other way
I am no hero
I am simply me a human

Able to make mistake after mistake
I fear, I love, and I brake
Yet I love you still
Even though you broke me

I would give you my world and you know you don't deserve it
Your unmade mind is your fault
Not to be placed on me
To carry around so you
Can be
Blameless, and Untouched
But through this I hope you see that you are fallen

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Comments (2)

Your writing is better than this poem.
Very well expressed!