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I’m In Love Again

I’m in love again but it’s a love not ordinary
It’s really a love maybe close to extraordinary
A love I haven’t felt for quite some time
A love locked away behind doors somewhat part-time
But some times locked away full time by Fear
Reminiscing of past love and past hurts of last year
But this one is different for me it’s never been so clear
It’s that kind of love that I can really hold dear
It came at a time when I was Lost and had to heal
Searching the world looking for anything that was real
For a long time I’ve been in love with the wrong things
Money, cars, clothes and all the trouble it all brings
But I know this love is right I can feel it up in my heart
If I had to paint the feeling it would be like a work of art
I’m in love again and my smile maybe ordinary
But this love I have and feel is so extraordinary
I’m not in love with a women nor a martial object
I’m in love with me thus I’m the subject
I found self love that’s what this is all about
No more insecurity not even a doubt
You see I was loved by a woman but I couldn’t love her back
I was loved by many women but let’s not get off track
Like I said this women was deeply in love with me but I couldn’t love her back
I didn’t love myself and that was something that I lacked
I was hated by me thus becoming my worst enemy
Pushing anybody wanting to love or get even close to me
But now for the first time in my life I think I’m ready
Because now I love everything about me and that’s heavy
I love my chocolate skin and I love my lovely smile
I love my smooth walk and I love my swag my style
I love my little eyes because it matches with my lips
There big nice and soft and I promise that they don’t miss
I’m black and I’m proud, I am all of thee above
I’m young and ambitious and I thank the man above
I haven’t felt a love like this in quit some time
A Love no more locked away behind doors part time
I’m ready to love again and I don’t any more fell ordinary
Because the feeling of love is simply extraordinary
I’m in love again

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yeh the feeling of lve is simply extraordinary excellent write -10 anjali