EYS (6th July 1987 / South Africa)

(i'M In) Lust

I don't believe in love, I decided long ago:
that other hearts were summer heat and mine was winter snow
I despised them for their impudence, oh such a long way to go!
I bet myself another life that I would never feel too
What silly girls and silly boys called 'love', their new-
found companionship displayed in sycophantic spew
of words and promises that would change next week.
I thought myself so strong, compared to them so bloody meek
And in every spare debate said as loud as I could speak
'There is no such thing as love'
don't you get it?

Then one day I found myself dreaming, exam half finished beneath me
I couldn't stop imagining your hands on my skin, see?
But it faded when those words escaped your lips, so true it must be
that I am the only one in this stunted world that feels like that.
When dreams flash past I take part,
(Shadows of limbs intertwined I alone would call art) .

It occured to me as daylight, slick and ever bright
Swept away the languid presence, the sloe black, crow black night
Something that had nothing to do with my beating heart. I might
be wrong.

Truth is, I am in lust. Not love, not that patronising knife blade, that ignorant, fetid, unreal stigma, but lust. A real emotion, real, raw and completely deserving of a saint,
a day,
cards that say what we are too polite to,
of songs and books, and precious poems.
Lust is all around, and I'll admit to this:
I'm falling in lust with you,
(just don't quote me on that.)

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i looked for a PH poem with a topic of lust and was rewarded generously by reading this poem. but where is the poet now? deep in the throes of lust, rather than submitting more poems? ? ? ? to MyPoemList. bri :)
So-called love is infatuation, mirroring love, but not really love, bringing lust into the picture. You have described it fully, great write indeed! Often wonder if there is any true or real love in this world. All of it only temporary anyway, we all die eventually. Thank you for sharing this exquisite poem, RoseAnn
......lucky, lucky (him) ! Lust, Jerry
I agree with Fred Babbin............You are a genius.........After all what is so called love if not lust in a socially acceptable attire........a good poem
There are too many classic lines in here to get specific. But I'd say you have pretty well psycho-analyzed this subject (and left no doubt about where you stood this time) .
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