I'M Just Glad

Another year goes by
Another year on a high
For every year I get older, I feel blessed

I think of the opportunities I have in front of me
I think of the challenges too
I realize that life is what you make it
Good or bad, happy or sad
But rest assured, it's a time to be glad

Another year passes, more memories made
More memories to come
The thought of this makes me want to dance and have some fun

The year ahead, so full of promise
So full of possibilities, so full of adventures
Its a year to look forward to

My sights are set high, the reality of what I can do
What I want to achieve brings a calmness over me
As if in a knowing that great things will happen
In a year like no other

Passion, desire, belief, and strength to follow through
It's all there for the very first time
Another year gone, another year ahead

A wry smile appears on my face as I treat these thoughts and feelings
With total honor and grace

I'm just glad!

by Craig Piercy

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