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I'M Just Your Average Fellow

I'm just your average fellow without claim to renown
One from the poorer countryside just west of Millstreet Town
At best a slipshod rhymer I spent few years in school
And I was one accustomed to sitting on the dunce's stool.

I've been in love with Nature ever since I was a boy
And the songs of wildborn songbirds is a thing I still enjoy
Each bird they say distinctive in their chirping or their song
Though in the ways of Nature we often are proved wrong.

I'm just your average fellow a stranger to wealth and fame
And so few know of my existence and so few know of me by name
And call me an addictive rhymer or call me what you may
I've never harmed anyone and I live life my own way.

I'm just your average fellow and of success I cannot boast
And none have ever lauded me or to me drunk a toast
And I do not know many people and my friends are only few
And I live a very ordinary life as most average fellows do.

by Francis Duggan

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