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I'M Miles Away

I’m sitting here,
At half past two,
All up to date,
Not much to do,
But sit and man,
A silent phone,
I’m on my own,
They’ve all,
Gone home,
It’s Friday,
Full moon,
Passed me by,
Just two hours left,
For time to fly,
Yet being so quiet,
Time goes so slow,
I lift the phone,
And say Hello,
It’s Friday finish,
Half past four,
Escape to freedom,
Open door,
Send a message,
Down the line,
So soon to see,
That love of mine,
The weekend looms,
Comes into view,
Wear something old,
In denim blue,
Just noticed now,
Outside it rains,
Yet never dampening,
The flames.
So long deluding,
Mainly me,
I hide myself,
In poetry,
And what he sees,
Is whom he’ll know,
The love within the lines,
Still flow,
And soon I leap,
To my defence,
And finally,
I make some sense,
I write it down,
Just word by word,
On reading, how it sounds,

So fortunate,
It’s quiet today,
Because my friend,
I’m miles away.

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