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I'M No Angel
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

I'M No Angel

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Painting on a beautiful smile, pretending to care
Acting innocent, in reality I'm harsh mean and unfair
Glowing eyes that sparkle, covering up all the lies
Everyone loves me, but I'm happily living in disguise

Thinking I'm so sweet, when all I do is play mind games
Taking pleasure in shame, purposely causing pain
A flawless exterior, hides all the evil that I hold inside
Relishing in the fact, that so many people have cried

Getting high of pain, enjoying all of the misery
Watching other's slowly fall apart, to me is ecstasy
Playing people of on each other, laughing inside
It's so easy to cause trouble, barely have to try

Yet no one knows, 'Such an angel, ' they smile
No idea behind my disguise, mind is full of guile
Wish someone would play, that would be just fine
Make it a little harder, to outwit them everytime

Intricately spun lies, spinning rapidly out of control
Such a long time ago, that darkness took my soul
Enjoying all of the drama, and many tears that fall
No one ever guesses, I'm the one who caused it all

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Comments (3)

i understand what youre saying and i can relate to some of it. so great job.
I have to agree with Doc and Dee.... yet, I can't help thinking this would make one heck of a great music video. Zen
Often it is easier for us to believe that we are mean and nasty, than to deal with emotions ersulting from having people care about us, and love us. Sometimes when we feel emotions like guilt, regardless of whether it is justified... we become self critical. We have inner conversations, where the script is totally negative. We become conviced that we are 'bad' to the core. In fact...none of this is true...no one is truly...that bad. The name that you have given yourself, tells me that this might be the way you think of yourself, and I would once again, suggest that you have been through a lot lately, and need to ease up on yourself a bit. Hugs, Dee