I’m No Lady! (To My Love Refusing The Title Lady Not Realising How Loving And Playful It Is)

For yea
thou art my dear

a lady
luscious & loving

& thus
do I address

thy goodly

in this gentle
word of loving.

No lady

put upon
a pedestal

to perish from loneliness
& mere admiration

or those who would but
look up thy skirt

from their vile baseness

but warm
& loving

to my touch

cradled here
(here cradled)

in the realness of

my breath
upon thy gentle face

whispering the secret
to your hair.


I doth

love thee!


Not lady as position of status but as a form of address to a lover All playful and loving in all its mock elegant Elizabethan-ness

by Dónall Dempsey

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