A Vernal Winter’s Grace

Eyes of piercing steel,
strongest silver like yet burning ash
scalding willful, soulful resistance
with the timely cold of winter.

Hair which falls in snow’s visage
doth, sheet-like, grace her shoulders bare
and call unto the light o’th’ nighttime sky
responding with more radiant flare

And O! such lips of softened pink!
And O! into what beautiful flow’r may those petals unfold!
Alas! such voice I mayn’t know
Alas! my heart: she mayn’t grow.

What pain feelst, my distal heart?
what scorn from fate dost feel, O weary soul?
for by Her cruel lot, from this ideal, I’m set apart
and the muse remains e’er but virtue.

by Lord Dylan ParrishSubda of Sealand

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I have to do poetry asighn ment
Add a commenti lik this poems
i love this poem because i am nobody silent invisible unnoticeable / that is factual or so i thought/i know not/
how would one really know.. why would i be that careless //
it was in relation to my life not another.. // lunchables like really //
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