My 'Bio Poem'

Determined, Caring, Clumsy
Best Friend of Sarah Corcoran.
Lover of poetry, music and running
Who feels scared, hopeful and thrilled.
Who needs family, friends and love.
Who gives her whole mind, heart and energy.
Who would like to see herself with confidence.
Resident of the awful, tragical, exciting, magical world.

by Alyssa Marquardt

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Add a commenti lik this poems
i love this poem because i am nobody silent invisible unnoticeable / that is factual or so i thought/i know not/
how would one really know.. why would i be that careless //
it was in relation to my life not another.. // lunchables like really //
I remember this poem from my childhood, many years ago. Sometimes, it seemed like just a silly little poem. Other times, it was a serious statement of how I felt at a particular time. All these years later, it's become a very pleasant memory.
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