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I'M Not A Quitter

Sometimes I feel like I'm working on an uphill Battle
Leading no where but down...
I meet the world everyday with a smile on my face
But inside I can only frown...
At times I hang my head
The load I carry is so heavy upon my back...
Up the road, what will I find?
Did I get on the wrong track?
I feel like I walk alone
Alone I stand, Alone I roam with no where to turn
While the blisters upon my feet begin to burn...
I know I still have a long way to go
My path is filled with stones and gravel
I pray to God to help me along the way and to give me safe travel...
I feel like giving up
My body aches and I'm tired
But I keep reminding myself
I'm not a quitter, I'm not a quitter...
I keep walking, Taking each step one at a time
Hopeing for that straight and narrow pathway will be there for me to find.
If you see me walking by or ever stumble and fall
Just keep watching
I'll pick myself back up and I will stand tall
Because I'm not a quitter....

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keep up the good work.