(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

I'M Not Crazy Today

I’m not crazy today.
I have been in days past,
but not today.
Today I am clear.
Today I shine.

I have felt fear
and pain
and loathing,
and angst
and despair
and confusion
and rage.

But I’m not crazy today.
Today I am clear.
Today I shine.

And, in my clarity,
I can finally see
the rancid womb
from which insanity is born.
In my clarity,
I finally know
what insanity is.
I have learned of
the festering root
from which it grows.

It is nothing more
than an intimate
of death,
an uncomfortable
of demise.

I suspect that many
of the insane
have no significant
they are merely
better informed,
more well
less ignorant.

I see this now.
I know this now.

And, it shall not
haunt me

by Derek R. Audette

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