I'm Not Happy

Put on plastic smiles
Groucho glasses and a big cigar
Drop a quarter in the gumball machine turnstiles
Chew on aged blues, hard and sweet, no matter how deep the scar
I'm not happy, not because I need a drug
The truth is, we live in world that is sad
Though some prefer and SSRI or another slug
The truth is, we live in a world that is mad
We just prefer to cut out a rug
Covering up the holes, and dance a tad
Hoping that somehow, we won't fall through
A slow soft, tinging tune for me and you

I can't make you dance and sing
So I'll just hold you close and whisper I don't know why
The craziness and haziness of everything
Is a rat trap, waiting to snap, so we just slip on by
I'm not happy, because the truth is real
You have no coat, and the temperature is dropping
Everyone tells you how we should feel
The worlds on collision but there's just no stopping
Sometime we falter and we drop the shield
The world's a mad dance that keeps on hopping
Hoping that we could just stay here and stop it
Cherish our time, a song; soon the playlist will drop it

You don't have to fake a smirk
I can see that the rain is pouring all around
I'm not just another quirky jerk
To tell you that there's just no reason to frown
I'm not happy, because the skies have all greyed
The thunder roars, and the lightning leads the chorus
It's obvious that winds of change have creaked and swayed
Everything that once had stood solid before us
Let's just reminisce as if time itself has stayed
Although we know in this game, nothing can ensure us
All we have for sure, is a moment, just to hold
You and I, dreaming, arm in arm, all enfold

by Alfred Barna

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