I'M Not Here To Lose What I'Ve Earned

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There may be a remote possibility,
That a lieing done to have affected others...
May not be remembered,
By those gifted with selective memories.
With a doing to choose amnesia,
Whenever they wish and do so to please.

Some may even decide to forget,
Being quarantined and isolated...
By an illness they were accused,
To have violated their lives...
By a disguising done someone had realized.
To have infested family, friends and others unknown,
They had not met with a purpose to infect.

That possibility they are not visited,
By emotions felt in depth is remote.
And folks believing they joke unconsciously,
Have demoted themselves to be fools.
No one chooses to agonize emotionally as a rule.

'I understand.
And you? '

~And you 'who'? ~

Don't you have anything to express?
Something embittered that eats at your chest? '

~I've lived through too much to get me upset.
If I carried anything on my chest,
I would ask all my blessings to be re-possessed.
And trust me...
Every blessing I received was not easily achieved.
Nor had been a breeze for me to get.
I'm not here to lose what I've earned.
Just to see your eyes twinkle...
With a twisting to turn something I say to misinterpret.
Or crave with a yearnig to be heard.~

So you do have something kept in depth unexpressed? '

I sometimes regret not meeting more people,
Who were less self-obsessed and more reflective.
But then again...
Difficult it is to meet those who live life,
Without doing it through the eyes of others.~

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good writing, I like it - meeting more people, meet those who live life, fine.

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