I'M Not Here While I'M Here

Poem By Anthony Seyi Abiodun

I'm not here while I'm here
I'm only here waiting to be there
The body here of mortality shrinks
The soul there in immortality prinks
The enticement in here will not suffice
To retract my path with evil device

So not here while I'm here
Makes me deny myself things so dear
For I believe something worthwhile
Waits for me on the street with gold tile
The years in here of happiness and bliss
Cannot compare in there a moment of peace

Do you know you can join me?
If you know don't want your gains here to be
Do you know we can walk hand in hand?
If you are ready to tread the sacred land
Do you know we can stand against the storm?
If for the joy of eternity you take a new form

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