(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

I'M Not Mad

They say that I am insane.
That there is a problem with my brain.
But they do not know.
Cause I'll never show.
That I'm not mad at all.

When I tell them about the things I have seen.
They have no idea what I mean.
And then I get so sad.
Since they'll never understand what I had.
Here in my world of dreams.

They sent me away to get well.
They hoped I'd come out of my shell.
But for all that they did.
I just escaped and I hid.
Deep in the bowels of my mind.

And so there I did stay.
Each and everyday.
But never once did I break.
No matter how pills I was forced to take.
Because I was not insane.

And finally came the day my to for release.
Since I made them all believe I was at peace.
But thanks to that web constructed of lies.
I left that place that I truly dispised.
And now I can be free.

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Comments (1)

Nice poem, though one line seem to be a little out of order (Typo?) And finally came my to for release.