I'M Not Really A Smoker

I'm not really a smoker, though I smoke day and night
I'm not like those others, I can easily take flight
I'm very different and the reasons I smoke
Are not like those others, they're quite a joke

I need to smoke because my job's very trying
I need to smoke 'cos my customers ain't buying
I've got my reasons and my reasons are sound
I need to smoke, yes my reasons abound

You'd smoke too if you suffered like me
You'd die for a fag, you'd get very cranky
Although maybe you wouldn't if you realised quite clearly
That fags give you nothing, just make you pay very dearly

by Alessandra Liverani

Comments (1)

My mother just got out of the hospital from emphysema and copd....all due to smoking. She was sent home with oxygen. She has stopped smoking but says as soon as she is off the oxygen she will start again.............INSANITY! I try to understand but I don't. I truly don't. Sincerely, Mary