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I’m Not That Little Boy Anymore
(14.1.83 / Luton / Dunstable)

I’m Not That Little Boy Anymore

I’m not that little boy…
Who used to get chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny.
Who used to con his little sister out of money,
Who swapped his penny for her pound.

Who was scared to speak his mind when adults were around.
Or who ‘Nanny’ used to knit a jumper for out of wool.
Who once pissed his pants on the first day of school.
Who used to go crying into Mum and Dad

Because of a nightmare
That he just had.
Who used to sit up all night really scared
Because of the monsters and ghosts that he saw there.

Who dreamed of being a secret agent, or spy.
Who hated girls and didn’t know why.
Who would tell his Mummy everything,
then she would bring it up when drunk

and tease him.
Who cried to hear of his parents divorce.
And thanked God when they got back together
of course.

I’m not that little boy anymore,
He’s gone and lost and not here anymore
And all that’s left is this heart so raw.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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