JA (May 14,1957 / Madison, S. Dak.)

I'M Not The One Woth Grandkids

I have always found it
Always guite amazing
That the one who has grandkids
Doesn't want to protect the enviroment

And the single person
Who has the knowledge in
The enviroment around us
Just gets pushed around

And I'd like to stand there
And scream at the others
That I'm not the one with grandkids
And I just have me

I'm trying to save the enviroment
And leave something behind
To help make the earth
Better than when I arrived

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Wonderfully said! Those with kids and grandkids had better pull up their socks and make sure they leave something behind to help make the earth better than when they arrived! With the piles of plastic and industrial fumes, does seem a distant dream!