SP (9th December 1987 / London, England)

I'M Obviously A Better Person Than You

You’re different; your hair is red,
I don’t see the point of you getting out of bed.
I’m blonde through and thru,
So I’m obviously a better person than you.

Your skin is freckled and spotty,
Mine is without a blemish of a trace.
Where you come from is plainly grotty,
I obviously come from a better place.

You’re black; enough said,
Only when you’re in prison
Will I sleep soundly in my bed.
I’m white with a long criminal record,
The police stitched me up. I was bored.

You’re Asian; paki and asylum seeker, you must be.
Suicide bomber, limb amputator and women repressor
Is all I see.
Get out of my country, get out before dawn,
I don’t care that this is where you’re parents were born.

You’re not Christian and for this I can tell,
No ticket for the pearly gates, just a seat reserved in hell.
But there’s still time to convert;
Although if this is something you refuse to do,
Then I’m proved right and am a better person than you.

Shy equals weird.
Strange equals fag.
Different equals dyke.
Smart equals smart-arse.

And if all I say is true,
I’m obviously much, much better.
Better person than you.

by Sam Price

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