I'M Okay

Poem By Liam Jaw

I'm okay.... I'm okay... I... I.. I am so sad.... Inside I am hurting. Outside I am not. I am a psychopath. I am misunderstood. Everyday I feel something incomprehensible. It is a state of pure sorrow. I am okay.... I say I am but I know I'm not. I built up a wall so no one else could hurt me. She loved me. I loved her. I tried taking down the wall but it was too strong. I shed a single tear knowing it's to late. The wall that once protected me no became my prison. I was banished for a cry out for help. The wall now armoured and not showing any signs of falling started to crumble. Now the wall still there only cracked. I tried to fight but. I am too late. I'm okay.... I tell myself every day. They all think I'm a freak... What they don't know is I am not a freak. The wall is. I.. I am just. Hurt. I try redemption and get pain. I have been cursed with a pain so unbearable and insidious that it fills my head with thoughts of blood and horror. I weep silently as to not awake the wall. I am okay.... I am NOT okay... The wall feels my pain but only uses it against me... Every name called is like a bullet of depression piercing my withered soul. I am okay
.. No on could understand our pain.. The sorrow. It hurts. Please help me.. Even if one person could understand.. I am alone. Inside and out. I grow up knowing no one will ever love me or be there for me. No on to say that it's okay... I just want you to know. I am not okay...

Comments about I'M Okay

Hello Liam remember that to many you are loved, just love that you are not always shown. Some do not no how to express their love. You have covered so much in these words and my heart goes out to you. May you find a passion to help you overcome your sadness. Smile even though you heartaches there is something & someone waiting for you

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