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I'M On My Way Home...

As I dwindle down this lonely road with no one I truly love,
I wonder why I'm here and you're there and the answer came from above.
I'ts I who walked this treacherous path that lead me to my demise.
I've tangled myself in misery and got stuck in a web of confusion and lies.
So I venture back to the open road in hopes to find my way,
Up ahead I see the sun is shining and I hear a voice in the distance say; 'Keep coming my love, you are almost here. You are my angel and for you I pray.'
That gave me strength to keep taking the steps that will lead me back to you one day.....

Dedicated to: John Robert Browning, My loving husband.

Written by Lisa Elaine Chapman

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the poem is truly heartfelt and lovely..bravo well done!
Very sweet and heartfelt poem it sounds like you've lost him and if so I am very sorry but the good things is is you have the strength to keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing and remember. Spread Yourself! ! ! !