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I'M On The Fence With This One

Optimist or Pessimist
or somewhere in between.....
Why is it 'on the other side'
the grass is always green?

Is the glass half empty
or is the glass half full?
What difference does it make?
It's just a bunch of bull.....

Does it have to be black or white?
Why can't it just be gray?
You could 'look on the bright side'
If that black cloud would go away.....

So, I'll put my eggs all in one basket
and count my chickens before they hatch.....
I'll even put my ducks all in a row
because I dont get the catch.....

It does not mean I'm not positive
because sometimes I have doubt.....
Optimist or Pessimist
Depends what it's about.....

by joyce ebrecht

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