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I'M Only A Pooch

I am only a little puppy,
I like to go visit and play
with my sister Trixie
so soft and white.
we play til we are tired
but we never fight.
Trixie is such a playful thing,
and I love wrestling with her, but...
she never knows when to quit,
so, when I have had enough,
I just run away, hide and sit.
but sooner or later she finds me
and we tumble again.
I am thankful I do not live with her
or we would never rest.
but I love Trixie,
and I endure her,
and all of her zest.

Dedication to to Trixie

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Cool great poem. Reminds me kind of my poem Weiner Dog Callie. I gave it a ten here! By the way-You had a funny tv sitcom, that i enjoyed. That's not you on tv? Ha! Ha! Ha! God bless poets, all-MJG.