AOB (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

I'm Only Human

I'm only human.
Nothing more, nothing less.
I confess, I'm so fataly flawed.
It's time to make the call.
Avoiding it for years.
Fears have been building up in these blood soaked tears.
And I can't seem to wash it off my face.
Like scars they remain to stain.
Camera ready set go.
Now you final meet my ghost.
Just remember, I'm only human.

by Ace Of Black Hearts

Comments (1)

This is you know such a deep heart that share it all, when i read it i feel like restless and tired and after all people should know that we are only human, flaws are our birthmark and its okay because we are just human....a strong poem i would say that! Its been a while since we read each other work my friend :) keep it up