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I'M Only Missing You
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I'M Only Missing You

Poem By Madison Riley

It's like a piece of me is missing
When he's not around
Like a hole in my chest
Pouring to the ground

It's hard to dream, to close my eyes
Cause dreaming is not enough
I need his arms around my neck
I need to feel his touch

But life is taking it's sweet time
And he's so far away
If only I could close my eyes
And bring him back to me

I'm never waking up from this dream
Even though I know I'm not dreaming
From the way inside I'm feeling
I just thought that it could be

It feels like the first time
It feels like the last time
I'm having the best time
I'm only missing you

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Comments (4)

yeah... really sad poem... it's so deep......
Poems are a wonderful way of descretly telling a story...good start =)
Wow... That's deep...
Oh, so sad! This poem is versatile, because I think it would make a good song...the last four lines would be a great chorus