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I'm Only Saying What I Know

I'm only saying what I know and that is nothing new
When I say the billionaires are scarce and the paupers are few
And that the homeless of the World in numbers do abound
Even in the known wealthy Nations they are not hard to be found
Between the haves and the have nots the gap growing ever wide
Of malnutrition and exposure far too many have died
Due to circumstance of birth and lady luck not on their side
Far too many sad to say of a fair go are denied
Poor people are dying in war zones, of malnutrition and disease
In the refugee camps of the World thirty million refugees
I am not a wealthy man still I'm lucky just the same
I could be homeless and alone without a penny to my name
I am luckier than most of such I am aware
In a World where billionaires are few and paupers are not rare.

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