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I'M Right Here
RR Robert Rumery (1-17-85 / Dover-Foxcorft, Maine)

I'M Right Here

This rage that lives inside of me,
knowing what he had done to you,
your laying in a hospital bed,
all beaten up and abused,
by the one that you thought that loved one,
the one that should of kept you safe,

what did she do today,
forget to take out the trash and maybe,
she accidentaly spilled milk on your floor,
so you floored her and taught her what pain was,
and that she shouldn't cross you and do whatever you say,
or she would get alot worse,

whatever you said was the law,
and the people who crossed you would end up,
on the floor in pain and in a pool of their own blood,
or even worse in the hospital,

the one that you loved made you feel pain,
at his own hands and you lay their and wonder,
if its worth it to go on with life,
being beaten by the one that you love,
landing in hospital bed, after hospital bed,
would it be so simple to end your own life right know,

In your heart you know I am close by,
in your heart you know that I'm going to save you,
from all the evils in your life,
from the evilness that lives inside of him,
all the pain that you feel, I feel it too,

We maybe miles apart,
but your still in my heart,
I can still see your face,
and I just hope that me caring about you,
can make you hold on to this life that you have,
this life that you need,

I'd walk the ends of the earth to find you,
I'd walk through the gates of hell to love you,
I'd find a billion men and I'd die too,
just to know that your alright and loved,

I'd fight for any of my women,
that were being abused by the people that loved,
bloody kisses on your cheek,
and you know that its not right,

I'd love to dot his eyes,
and just watch him fall,
watch him fall off the tallest towers,
and watch the fucker die,
but I know that I can't do that,

I maybe insane,
but I'm not a Murderer
I'm a madman,
but I'm not suicidal,

but all I want for you is to get better,
all I want for you is to get better,
and have it be like it was so long ago,
me you and your sister,
taking on the world together,

I give your my hand to squeeze,
you try to move but you can barely do it,
but you know its me because of the tenderness in my voice,
you squeeze my hand and you know everything is going to be alright,
because I'm here right beside of you,
I'm here for you,
forever and for always,

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