I'M Self-Confident

With your self-confidence, you will succeed
No longer will your heart painfully bleed
As humans, we have our twists and turns
However, from these problems we always learn
Life has its own road and way
But you have your opinion, actions, and your say
Although life may bring you down
Don’t ever respond with a frown
Instead of giving up and letting go
Just cope with the problems and let them flow
In the end, a solution will be made
And no longer will fear and doubt be your shade
Perfection is a fictitious word you should never follow lead
If you seek perfection, you will never succeed
Just take a step at a time to regain your confidence again
However, along the path there will be pain
You will make mistakes along the way
But never let your faults forever stay
Wisdom will guide your every step
And will erase all the bad memoirs that you have long kept
You will regain your self-confidence bit by bit
The worse may happen but you mustn’t quit…

by Marria Attar

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