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I’m Sitting Here All Alone
JH (June 21 19** / Boca Raton)

I’m Sitting Here All Alone

I’m sitting here all alone
Writing my suicide poem
I’m in the park after dark
I am afraid to go home
I’m afraid of the coming pain
It’s the reason I cut my vain
I grab the blade and hold it tight
As I live my final last night
The blade sinks in as I cut my skin
Releasing the pain within
The blood flows down as my troubles drown
I dropp to my knees in a bloody mess
This is the night I have long detest
I dropp to my knees it is hard to breathe
My goal I have longed achieved
I dropp to my chest as I am laid to rest
All I know is I did my best….

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Hey this is all really good poem. I have a? when you write poems do you write them what is going on with in your life? (like a true poem)