I'm Sleeping Life.

Poem By Gencay

I like to write poetry, but...
Sometimes my thoughts run away from me
Sometimes like a butterfly
They're on my shoulder, whispering in my ear

It was my shadow that protected me from the sun
My wet and spacious towel that wipes the term
Water that gives life to my drying body.
Nowhere from him,
I couldn't give up under any circumstances.

But sometimes I can't write,
My hands cannot lift the weight of what I feel,
My pencil is crushed under my thoughts.

I'm sleeping life.
There is no night life, I exist
There is life during the day, I am not
I'm sleeping life.

The sun is setting in my eyes
The eternal darkness prevails everywhere
As ivy while sleeping
My lashes are circulating.

I'm very tired these days
Physically and spiritually, even the weight on me
I can describe it as a light eye
A weight crashes. I can not get up.

We run to life with mortal bodies
Images intertwine in my head
I am trying to open the locked door
This door is unbreakable and keyless.

Hope exists as long as you live
There is no hope other than life
Not books it to me
The eyes of the animals taught.

Summer night, street lights
Peaceful lights leaking from curtains
Foreign slow song playing on the radio
Thousands of moments in it, feeling of thought.
No peace for us, no peace
Like our heart beats suspicion in us
Being unsure of anything and
to accommodate everything at the same time...
This is insanely insane.
If the truth drives you crazy, insanity is real.

Understanding nature is really,
It means understanding everything.
This thing we call nature
It puts existence in form,
It gives life to it, it gives shape, it gives life
Nature covers all living things
Covers all inanimate
Nature is not only in the world
I am also talking about nature in the universe
There is no distinction
Nature is nature. He's everywhere.

But in the pattern of all these events
As we set our eyes on the details
Why? In order to grasp its essence, to reach the whole.
Maybe if we turn around, we would see where we will arrive without getting tired so much.
Butterflies are flying in my head.

I did not take notes, did not record
I kept what I learned in my head
Generally I forgot as it is
I came to the world without knowledge
I will go without knowledge from the world
What I learned is not mine
They are the rumors of the world.
I don't know anything.

Why are we disgusted? Why are we afraid?
The subject of the movie is already blood and death
Wars, diseases, natural disasters
The world turns like a record
He sings a billion years old;
"Your fear is in vain, your courage in vain, your joy in vain, your sorrow in vain, your hope in vain, your desires in vain, you will die with your dreams..."

Who are those who do not hear the song?
Blind eyes
Deaf deaf
Understanding fools

They are the exploiters.
Here is my friend, everything is not so empty.
Those who hear the song and see the movie, that is, all the workers who deserve dignity,
Their fight is death
Their fight is despite the universe
Their quarrel is in spite of nature.

The universe deserves respect as an entity, even if it is chaos, according to the laws of the nature of existence, the substance of its substance and every particle of the atom.
Workers, peasants, laborers, get their rights, unite and fight.

Butterfly invasion started in me
Rainbows fly inside me
Winged rainbows and winged
Brilliantly colorful suns.

I lit
Light is gushing all over me
When I think I will stay like this
The invasion drives another direction.

I'm becoming a black night again
Sleepy and tired again
Someone who wrote poetry again
I sleep again...

Comments about I'm Sleeping Life.

This is an exceptionally interesting piece of writing. I felt as though a voice was crying out from a deep depression or, possibly, drunkenness. It is so heartfelt, so intense. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.
İmpressive! Check my poems on insta MHKpoetry. my poems are similar to yours
It was nice to witness the birth of this poem

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