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I'M So Far Away
TLH (July 05,1990 / Leander, Texas)

I'M So Far Away

Poem By Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.

Here I am where the ash climbs high
Where crimson and stormy is the sky
I hear my steps echo behind myself
I look in the water, I'm blind to myself

I touch my face, I submerge my hand
Through the waves I see only a skeleton
Here I stand I got what I bargained for
I am my own king now and forever more

A king with no kingdom
A bird with no freedom
I'm one of the lost
Can't you see them
See them see them?

Here I am with the cold wind on my back
Don't know where to step as the earth begins to crack
I look down and I see it below
Reaching, begging, I fight off the souls

Winter comes, and it kills the wood
I find the warmth, it feels so good
Here I stand, I got what I bargained for
Your hero victorious again once more

But a hero gone bleedin
Needs somethin to believe in
I'm one of the lost
Can't you see them
See them see them?

Look at me now
I'm so far away
Look at them now
Wonder why they stay

Oh, I can see them
I see them see them
I feel them breathin
It's got me needin

To go far away
But I know I've got to stay
So won't you come outside?
Won't you come and play?

We'll go somewhere
Far Away

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