I’m So Proud Of My Murali Boy

I’m so proud of my son Murali
cos he’s always thinking smart
and efficient

I asked him the other day:
“Sonny boy
dear Murali
What’d you like to be
when you grow up? ”

And he says to me:
“I’ll be a garbage collector, Daddy”

And I say to him:
“O my dear boy -
why a garbage collector
of all the jobs? ”

And my little boy Murali
says, smart as he always is:
“Oh, Dad,
look at them:
they have such big trucks
and they work only once a week”

Oh yes, I’m so proud
of my little Murali

by Raj Arumugam

Comments (1)

wow, your son is really Intelligent and smart like you! ! ! yes your son is right.its a clever decision! You dont worry about his future, he definitely chose a carrier that is comfortable and profitable to him. really his thinking and point of views are in a different style.