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I'M Soooooo Tired

I'm sooooo Tired, I'm so freakin tired, tired of these nuthin' and wack humans,
Always feelin' like they need to explain what they got, when it's what they aint got
Rollin' around during the day and pretending to hold weight
But going home to mom's at night talking about I'm just trying to save

And these brauds, these these is just fascinated by the rocks and the bling
Which seems to be blinding them and taking them away from their independency
Brauds out here, tryna live the simple life off of another brothas' dough
But get mad when u get that eviction note, cuz dat brotha' found another pro.

And then u wanna turn around and hate on Ladies like me,
But no worries because with that mentality you'll never amount to nuthin' sweetie
Now freeze your thoughts cuz you've just been abbreviated
By a chick that can never be duplicated
So please don't let yo' mind be manipulated

U thinkin' that u know me but in reality u don't know spit,
Cuz it aint too many humans out here that can handle this real chick.
Ya' see, I'm the type that do for me,
Please know if you're here it's only for my pleasure.
Don't ever think this chick is needy for whomever.

And when it all boils down,
I got my own crib,
Pay my own bills,
Drive my own whip,
All with my own money,
So whatever you decide to trick off to me I'm only goin' shoppin' wit it honey.

And if u haven't noticed, this lady is on a path, her tracks cannot be followed
But if you try, you're only bound to go in the wrong direction,
Which can never lead to my perfection,
So u better come with protection.

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VERY GOOD, , Strong words from a strong chick, , i love it..keep it up! !