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The Glory Of Heaven
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The Glory Of Heaven

The glory of heaven fills my heart,
a heaven of heavens;
The glory of all glories.
A city whose builder and maker is jehovah.
A home filled with treasure of treasures.
A kingdom whose gates and stones are made of gold.
A palace where flowers dwell in glory.
A city where neither pain nor sorrow exists.
A glory not compared to the things of this world.
A city of all valuables.
A refinery where the spirit of man is refined in the glory of God.

Who can ascend into the hill of the lord and access his glory?
Who can stand in his holy palace and feel his glory?
He that have a clean and pure heart.
He whose hands are not soiled in evil.
He that speaks no guile with his mouth.
He whom the lord inputeth no iniquity.
He whose soul is not lifted up in vain glory.

a city so wounderful,
a home of other homes,
a palace from which palace are born.

Let the glory of his kingdom engulf me, and
grant me entrance to it's beauties.
Until then,
when there shall be no more earth.
When all that matters now matters no more;
the glory of this kingdom shall preserve me,
keep me blameless until his coming;
when his glory shall shine upon me,
l be lifted up above the sky.

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Dealing with situations is not so easy, ask me
I love the vulnerability of this poem, yet showing that shows strength too, as confirmed in the final line. Fantastic.
I loved your poem. It sounds like me.