CT (July 3,1982 / Cebu City)

I'M Sorry

***January 14,2008 @ 10: 42am***

im so confused if what i've been
doing is right or wrong
u may think that this set up
is ok with me but you're wrong
if u only know i will miss you this big
if you only know i hate myself
for doing this thing
tears feel as i remember
that together you and me so happy
hoping you wont change
and not taught you to hate me
i maybe so selfish not to think of your feelings
but i cant think of other things
and its so confusing
u asked me is this makes me happy
NO! ! ! how can i be when i know
you will be avoiding me
because of this stupid set up made by me!
Jaan im so so so sorry
i forgot i made a promise
hope im not teaching you to hate me
can u forgive a QL?
MPCPT u really are a hard habit to break!


by Chester Tiu

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