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I'M Sorry
LW (November 22 / Edmonton, AB)

I'M Sorry

Poem By Leah Wells

I'm sorry for your hurt,
I'm sorry for your grief.
I'm sorry that your pain,
Was no one else's belief.

I'm sorry I didn't help,
I'm sorry I didn't listen.
I'm sorry I didn't see your tears,
Whenever they did glisten.

I'm sorry I never hugged you tight,
I'm sorry I never held you close.
I'm sorry that to everyone else,
You were nothing but a faded ghost.

I'm sorry I couldn't heal your wounds,
I'm sorry I couldn't absorb your anguish.
I'm sorry I couldn't recognize your broken smile,
For all the times i misread your hidden language.

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Comments (1)

there are so many 'im sorry' poems out there.. by far.. this is my favorite. great write.