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I'M Sorry
CG (11-24-1986 / Indianapolis Indiana)

I'M Sorry

Poem By Cory Graham

Baby, I'm sorry about our past
But I'm changing to make us last
I'm sorry for the names you were called
To see that look on your face, my life was stalled
I'm sorry for not treating you with respect
Don't worry, there won't be anymore neglect

I'm sorry for the lies and being so fake
I will show you my true love, will you please take?
I'm sorry for not being there
From this day on, I will show you I care
I'm sorry for not being me
My real self, you soon will see

I'm sorry for not being the man
Since I woke up, now I know I can
I'm sorry for causing all your tears
Don't worry, I'm here to wash away your fears
I'm sorry for the awful conversations
For now on, only sweet vibrations

Baby, I'm sorry for putting you through hell
I'm glad, I finally tripped and fell
I'm sorry for not putting you on top
The way I acted will be put to a stop
I'm sorry for everything, don't push me away
Please forgive me, your heart is the place I want to stay

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